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Australia’s Bushfire Royal Commission finds Climate Change fuelled Black Summer fires

From the Australian Parents for Climate Action Facebook Group

The report from the Bushfire Royal Commission has just been made public. It unequivocally states that climate change fuelled the Black Summer bushfires, just as every other State and Federal Inquiry within the past 12 months has acknowledged.

Australians are already paying too heavy a price for climate change:

-33 people died in the Black Summer bushfires, with over 400 deaths from bushfire smoke.

-2,439 homes lost in NSW alone (worst on record)

-The bushfire smoke that blanketed Sydney is estimated to have cost the city $12-50 million per day.

-More than 23,000 bushfire related insurance claims were lodged across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria between November and February, totalling an estimated value of $1.9 billion

.-The tourism sector alone is set to lose at least $4.5 billion because of the bushfires.

The Federal Government needs to act now on the recommendations made by the Commissioners. It should provide a timeline for when it will accept and implement these recommendations.

More info here: The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements Report

Read more in the Guardian here: https://www.theguardian.com/…/australia-must-prepare…

The Emergency Leaders for Climate Action have a “Bushfire & Climate Action Plan” calling for climate mitigation, among other measures.

Funding for additional firefighting aircraft in 2019 was strongly recommended in letters to the PM by ELCA and via the media but was continually rejected.

You can sign a Petition to implement ELCA’s Plan and download and read the Plan, from the page below.


Pledge to Flood PricewaterhouseCoopers

The Minerals Council of Australia has held back action on climate change for the last 20 years with extensive lobbying, advertising campaigns and a revolving door between parliament and mining companies. They are concerned with profits not about reducing carbon emissions.

Companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, a global consulting firm, shore up the monied MCA to refute the urgent need for climate change, paying the MCA millions of dollars per year for memberships that they don’t need.

350 Australia has plenty of information available on the dirty activities of the MCA.

Click here to find out how the Minerals Council endangers Australia

Please help the campaign to ask PWC to withdraw from the climate-wrecking MCA.

Sign up for 350’s campaign to receive full information so that you and people you know can write your own personal letters to the C.E.O. of PWC, asking the PWC to withdraw from the MCA.

Sign up to get info on getting PWC out of the MCA

You can hand-write your letter or type it out, but make sure that you print out a physical letter, as everyone is asked to post letters to PWC on 22nd June.

Below is a sample letter in DropBox but feel free to add your own concerns and words to a tailored or unique letter. Include photos or diary entries or anything that could help your case, but remember to be polite or civil.

Letter to PricewaterhouseCoopers to withdraw from the MCA

Get creative! When you sign up to pledge that you will post out a letter, you will find out how you can magnify the effects of your actions. Ask friends to write letters too, and you or one person can take them all to the letter box on Monday June 22nd.

Postal address

Tom Seymour
CEO, PwC Australia
480 Queen Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Take a photo of you posting your letters, and share them! Sign up with 350 for easy instructions, using hashtags.

With many of us sharing what we are doing on social media and through other means, our message to PWC will be stronger, and we will persist until they leave the climate-wrecking Minerals Council of Australia.

Stop the Australian COVID Commission’s dirty gas plans

Scott Morrison’s Covid Commission is stacked with gas executives, and are spruiking new gas projects almost every day. Not only are there significant concerns around conflicts of interest, these new gas projects would be a disaster for our climate.

350 Australia has started Fossil Fuel Watch which lists requests by the fossil fuel industry and and the government’s responses or lack of to date.

It is vital to put pressure on State Governments and the Federal government to realise that coal and oil have had their days, and it makes sense to roll out renewable energy technology in ALL facets of life.

It’s important to support politicians like Zali Steggal who support climate action, and to keep a watch on government actions to show that they do not have your consent.

Sign up with 350 Australia and other groups for emails with direct actions toward campaigns and strategies as part of the social movement to reduce carbon emissions and to increase renewable energy use NOW.

Click on the link below for a form letter to send to your Member of Parliament


How Superannuation supports climate-wreckers

Australia’s superannuation industry invests $3 trillion on behalf of the nation’s workers, with $2.2 trillion of that managed by super funds, rather than self-managed. Through those investments, super funds own 40% of the Australian Securities Exchange.

That means super funds invest a huge chunk of our money in companies driving us towards destructive climate change. Companies like Whitehaven Coal, New Hope, Santos and Woodside.

Tell your super fund to ditch investment in these climate-wrecking companies NOW.

Please visit:

Out of line, out of time

Ask Rio Tinto to leave the Minerals Council of Australia

Get out your iPhone or mobile device and record yourself holding a short message for Rio Tinto, and saying your message aloud.

You can then upload your video file to a free DropBox account and send the link to SFA via the Contact form.

Your video message will be added to our YouTube Chanel, Save Our Earth-S.O.E. and a Play-list, once there are a lot of video messages, will be emailed to Simon Thompson, the Chairman of Rio Tinto.

Click here for the YouTube Channel

Visit 350.org for information. Be informed and take action NOW


Global warming is the slow increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere because an increased amount of the energy (heat) striking the earth from the sun is being trapped in the atmosphere and not radiated out into space.


1.Fossil fuels (coal and natural gas) are taken from the Earth.

2. These are burned to produce power for factories and machines and for electricity.

3. These produce carbon dioxide or carbon emissions.

4. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases trap the sun’s energy, warming the Earth.

5. The recent warming of the Earth is NOT natural, any natural greenhouse effect has been tremendously magnified by human activity.

6. Scientists around the world have given governments and ruling organisations and corporations the aforementioned advice.

7. Scientists have WARNED governments of accelerated man-made climate change.

8. Humanity HAS the technology and tools and intellect to stop the damage.

9. Humanity needs the WILL to do this!

10. Every single person has a responsibility to help bring about climate balance.

11. EARTH has started to balance herself.

12. This restoration MUST continue.

We need a new HUMANITY – one without people gallivanting all around the World just to amuse or entertain themselves, we have the technology to learn and do FROM OUR HOMES. We DO NOT NEED to go on cruises or planes, or drive one to a car in our carbon-emitting cars, every day to somewhere or other.


Please don’t ignore the urgency or think someone else will take action, as everyone is needed to do their bit. Learn about the challenges and do what you can ( e.g. take one action per week, like join in the Rio Tinto challenge OR comment on Rio Tinto’s Facebook Page, if you’re more comfortable with that, then comment on Price Waterhouse-Cooper and others invested in the Minerals Council of Australia another week).

Rio Tinto’s Facebook page