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Here will be added services, systems, processes, organisations, and movements incorporating practices and human structures for our Standard Operating Environment: that of looking after our one Earth.

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“Any change at a government level has only ever come from people at a ground level. We need to teach our leaders how to lead. To act on our own agency and get involved” – – Damon Gameau

Superannuation companies and Divestment

Super giant Hesta no longer investing in coal. Read here.

Clean Energy and Fossil Fuels in Australia

At July 9 2020, Australia has a net zero target of a kind: the Northern Territory has announced that it is formalising its draft net zero target and this means that, despite Federal Government inaction, every single Australian state and territory has a formal target to reach net zero by 2050 Click HERE to read article.

June 2020: Coal towns shift focus to renewable energy. Wollongong mine uses clean energy. Click HERE to read article.

Proposed Adani Carmichael Mine in Queensland

The Stop Adani movement has had a great success. 4 potential insurers of the mine have publicly declared they will not underwrite the project!

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Buildings & Clean / Renewable Energy

Builders and Tradies Declare a Climate Emergency

Support these builders who want to reduce waste and want energy-saving built into new buildings and retro-fitted renewable energy sources for existing buildings. Multiplex is a driving force for this great initiative!

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Australian solar glass company set to revolutionise global construction

In a quiet outpost of Perth’s central business district a cutting-edge green tech company’s collaboration with Silicon Valley has achieved a game-changer for both the company and for the global construction industry.

ClearVue in West Perth has now not only created “smart glass” that can produce power but has now has a major breakthrough in delivering a substantial boost to how much power is produced.

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Australian researchers claim world first in global race to develop better solar panels

A team of Australian researchers are claiming a world first in a global race to develop cheaper, more flexible and more efficient solar panels after their experimental cell passed a series of heat and humidity tests.

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Irish entrepreneur Norman Crowley is investing $100 million in Australia in a bid to combat climate change

Mr Crowley is the founder of energy efficiency company Crowley Carbon, which is headquartered in Ireland and has set up a joint venture with Australian business Climatech to reduce the amount of carbon emitted by Australian businesses.

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Planning for the Future

Beyond Zero Carbon has “The Million Jobs Plan” which sets out how energy can be generated and jobs created while reducing carbon emissions to sustainable levels. The plan is under the Research tile on their homepage.

Spain approves push for 100% renewables, bans all new fossil fuel projects

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The Guardian has become the first major global news organisation to institute an outright ban on taking money from companies that extract fossil fuels. Their interim chief executive explains the policy change.

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Reduce Carbon emissions to net zero by 2050

14 business, unions and green groups call for sustainable Covid-19 recovery with clean energy transition. Please support these organisations and spread the word about the need to let Scott Morrison know that Australia has to put out a committed plan to have carbon emissions at net zero by 2050.

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