Save Our Earth is a people-driven, audio-visual, news and action channel for anyone who cares about Earth.

Without a balanced atmosphere Earth cannot sustain life. This requires that human beings don’t alter the environment outside of normal bounds. This means low carbon emissions and managing all of our natural resources sustainably.

This requires our leaders, governments and people all over the world respecting that carbon emissions are irreversibly damaging our environment and that it is rational and essential to rapidly develop and implement renewable energies.

The “Standard Operating Environment” of businesses, governments and organisations world-wide must change to “save our Earth”

Our planet can be “saved” with or without Homo sapiens or Human Beings, so let’s make the choice to keep our Earth going WITH humankind.

Join the SOCIAL MOVEMENT to have Earth carbon free and to stop polluting and heating up our planet.

Please visit the RESOURCES page to find movements that you can support and to keep up-to-date with news, information, actions, and events.

YOU are called to educate yourself and to share your knowledge, concerns and actions; and to let the authorities and vested companies know that you want changes NOW.

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There is so much that each one of us can do ……

  • Start with learning what is going on and put the pieces together.
  • Realise that a social movement has an overall goal and strategies and actions or tactics.
  • Understand that tactics, while seemingly “small actions” are significant parts of trying to initiate change, if used within a broader ongoing strategy which builds capacity for change (through varied tactics and clear goals and timelines).
  • Look for and engage in campaigns. A campaign is a planned set of activities that people carry out over a period of time in order to achieve something such as social or political change. For example the “Stop Adani” campaign is one campaign of the Climate Action Movement.

The Stop Adani Campaign

GOAL: to stop the Adani mine in Queensland

STRATEGY 1: take down the “pillars of support” e.g. Banks

OBJECTIVE: get the 4 big banks not to fund the Mine, get Marsh not to insure the mine.

TACTICS: petitions, rallies, occupations ? ?

Keep organised and read and interact across all the organisations / groups, in order to consolidate or put together the knowledge that you can use and share with others.

350.org global has excellent RESOURCES for activists available via their website. Click on the link below.


YOU are needed as Earth’s ACTIVIST now, and you are called to ACTIVATE others to join the Climate Action Movement.

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