Australia’s Bushfire Royal Commission finds Climate Change fuelled Black Summer fires

From the Australian Parents for Climate Action Facebook Group

The report from the Bushfire Royal Commission has just been made public. It unequivocally states that climate change fuelled the Black Summer bushfires, just as every other State and Federal Inquiry within the past 12 months has acknowledged.

Australians are already paying too heavy a price for climate change:

-33 people died in the Black Summer bushfires, with over 400 deaths from bushfire smoke.

-2,439 homes lost in NSW alone (worst on record)

-The bushfire smoke that blanketed Sydney is estimated to have cost the city $12-50 million per day.

-More than 23,000 bushfire related insurance claims were lodged across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria between November and February, totalling an estimated value of $1.9 billion

.-The tourism sector alone is set to lose at least $4.5 billion because of the bushfires.

The Federal Government needs to act now on the recommendations made by the Commissioners. It should provide a timeline for when it will accept and implement these recommendations.

More info here: The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements Report

Read more in the Guardian here:…/australia-must-prepare…

The Emergency Leaders for Climate Action have a “Bushfire & Climate Action Plan” calling for climate mitigation, among other measures.

Funding for additional firefighting aircraft in 2019 was strongly recommended in letters to the PM by ELCA and via the media but was continually rejected.

You can sign a Petition to implement ELCA’s Plan and download and read the Plan, from the page below.

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