Ask the Federal Government to upscale Grants for Solar Panels

The Federal government should urgently scale up its popular Energy Efficient Communities Program which provides grants of up to $12,500 to community organisations to fit their buildings with solar panels.

As well, this is an opportune time for a national household battery scheme to be established. Batteries help households manage their energy bills, provide grid benefits, and assist with creating space for more renewables in the grid.

SOLAR CITIZENS support the call by the Clean Energy Council for a national battery scheme funded either via an upfront rebate or no-interest loans through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency
(ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Given the importance of ARENA’s role, it is vital that the Government consider ARENA for additional core funding.

The Federal Government and most States and Territories have existing programs to assist with the roll out of rooftop solar and batteries, with many of these programs still in the trial phase.

Rooftop solar is the biggest source of renewable energy jobs in Australia,
representing 50% of all full-time equivalent positions across the industry.

Solar Citizen’s report describes the different programs in each state of Australia, and makes recommendations as to which can be urgently expanded to create jobs and assist with meeting the energy needs of Australia’s most vulnerable households.


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