Stop the Australian COVID Commission’s dirty gas plans

Scott Morrison’s Covid Commission is stacked with gas executives, and are spruiking new gas projects almost every day. Not only are there significant concerns around conflicts of interest, these new gas projects would be a disaster for our climate.

350 Australia has started Fossil Fuel Watch which lists requests by the fossil fuel industry and and the government’s responses or lack of to date.

It is vital to put pressure on State Governments and the Federal government to realise that coal and oil have had their days, and it makes sense to roll out renewable energy technology in ALL facets of life.

It’s important to support politicians like Zali Steggal who support climate action, and to keep a watch on government actions to show that they do not have your consent.

Sign up with 350 Australia and other groups for emails with direct actions toward campaigns and strategies as part of the social movement to reduce carbon emissions and to increase renewable energy use NOW.

Click on the link below for a form letter to send to your Member of Parliament

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