The COVID-19 Recovery Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis

The recovery from the COVID-19 economic shutdown presents an unparalleled opportunity to reshape our economy for the good of all and to address the climate crisis at the same time. In fact, the solutions to cutting our emissions and meeting our responsibilities to take global climate action are a huge opportunity for jobs and growth in Australia, and around the world.

Please seriously address climate change which is an inextricable factor causing increased fires and hot weather and which can be actioned through renewable energies and less burning of coal and oil.

Investing in clean industries will provide a pathway to hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of good jobs and careers for Australians.

Please write now to your Members of Parliament NOW. You can use the information provided by Australian Parents for Climate Action and / or by 350 Australia, at the web pages below.


Principles for a Just Recovery from COVID-19

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