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Ask the Federal Government to upscale Grants for Solar Panels

The Federal government should urgently scale up its popular Energy Efficient Communities Program which provides grants of up to $12,500 to community organisations to fit their buildings with solar panels.

As well, this is an opportune time for a national household battery scheme to be established. Batteries help households manage their energy bills, provide grid benefits, and assist with creating space for more renewables in the grid.

SOLAR CITIZENS support the call by the Clean Energy Council for a national battery scheme funded either via an upfront rebate or no-interest loans through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency
(ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Given the importance of ARENA’s role, it is vital that the Government consider ARENA for additional core funding.

The Federal Government and most States and Territories have existing programs to assist with the roll out of rooftop solar and batteries, with many of these programs still in the trial phase.

Rooftop solar is the biggest source of renewable energy jobs in Australia,
representing 50% of all full-time equivalent positions across the industry.

Solar Citizen’s report describes the different programs in each state of Australia, and makes recommendations as to which can be urgently expanded to create jobs and assist with meeting the energy needs of Australia’s most vulnerable households.


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Call Marsh in New York to not insure the Adani Mine

Adani’s giant coalmine planned for Queensland has won federal and state approval despite major gaps in knowledge including how the pit would affect important springs nearby.

But to go ahead, Adani needs financial backers, so we are contacting the banks and insurers to ask them not to support this climate-wrecking move.

In response to the pressure of the #StopAdani movement, global insurance broker Marsh announced they had a new policy to decide which clients they would and would not work with.

The “policy” was one-page long and woefully inadequate – a slap in the face to the community and to Marsh’s own staff.

But it left the door wide open for Marsh to rule out Adani. 

The policy states that a key issue is ‘climate change mitigation’ and that if a project conflicts with this issue then Marsh ‘will review the proposed project to evaluate whether the work can proceed’. 

Adani’s coal project clearly conflicts with a safe climate future

We need to call on Marsh to live up their own rules and dump Adani!

Will you call Marsh CEO John Doyle and Marsh and McLennan Companies CEO Dan Glaser and ask them to rule out further work on Adani’s climate-wrecking coal project?

Visit: the Stop Adani website – to find out what to tell Marsh

Stop the Australian COVID Commission’s dirty gas plans

Scott Morrison’s Covid Commission is stacked with gas executives, and are spruiking new gas projects almost every day. Not only are there significant concerns around conflicts of interest, these new gas projects would be a disaster for our climate.

350 Australia has started Fossil Fuel Watch which lists requests by the fossil fuel industry and and the government’s responses or lack of to date.

It is vital to put pressure on State Governments and the Federal government to realise that coal and oil have had their days, and it makes sense to roll out renewable energy technology in ALL facets of life.

It’s important to support politicians like Zali Steggal who support climate action, and to keep a watch on government actions to show that they do not have your consent.

Sign up with 350 Australia and other groups for emails with direct actions toward campaigns and strategies as part of the social movement to reduce carbon emissions and to increase renewable energy use NOW.

Click on the link below for a form letter to send to your Member of Parliament

Even If Climate Change Wasn’t Happening, Phasing Out Coal Is A ‘No-Regret’ Solution #auspol #qldpol #StopAdani #ClimateEmergency

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Climate Action Australia

The benefits of phasing out coal far outweigh the real-world costs, scientists say, and that’s the case even when climate change is left out of the equation entirely.

Of all the fossil fuels in the world, coal is the biggest source of carbon dioxide, and its impacts on air pollution and public health are profound.

Since the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution, large-scale coal burninghas cost lives, yet we’ve beenstruggling to kick it. Our global reliance on coal runs deep, so deep that even though we know it’s bad for us, we continue to burn it at unprecedented levels.

Now, new computer simulations on the regional effects of phasing out coal suggest that continuing on this trajectory is a big mistake, with negative impacts not only on the environment and human health, but also the economy.

“We’re well into the 21st century now and still heavily…

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The COVID-19 Recovery Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis

The recovery from the COVID-19 economic shutdown presents an unparalleled opportunity to reshape our economy for the good of all and to address the climate crisis at the same time. In fact, the solutions to cutting our emissions and meeting our responsibilities to take global climate action are a huge opportunity for jobs and growth in Australia, and around the world.

Please seriously address climate change which is an inextricable factor causing increased fires and hot weather and which can be actioned through renewable energies and less burning of coal and oil.

Investing in clean industries will provide a pathway to hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of good jobs and careers for Australians.

Please write now to your Members of Parliament NOW. You can use the information provided by Australian Parents for Climate Action and / or by 350 Australia, at the web pages below.


Principles for a Just Recovery from COVID-19

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How Superannuation supports climate-wreckers

Australia’s superannuation industry invests $3 trillion on behalf of the nation’s workers, with $2.2 trillion of that managed by super funds, rather than self-managed. Through those investments, super funds own 40% of the Australian Securities Exchange.

That means super funds invest a huge chunk of our money in companies driving us towards destructive climate change. Companies like Whitehaven Coal, New Hope, Santos and Woodside.

Tell your super fund to ditch investment in these climate-wrecking companies NOW.

Please visit:

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